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Ed Gagne

Ed Gagne

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Hi Ed,
Jenny and I just enjoyed a nice bottle of champagne thanks to you all.  With two kids; Amia at 4 months and Kaileah at 2 years; plus trying to get a business going, I can't even seem to get off a proper "thank you" card.  But I do want to express my deep appreciation for your collective dedication to 40 Kilburn and seeing our situation through to the end.  It is a testament to your professionalism and integrity as a good human.  Thank you, thank you...
All the best to you and please don't hesitate to use me as a reference should it be helpful.
Prior to meeting Ed and his team we had been hit by a few people, including an attorney, doing scams in the mortgage and short sale business so we were quite skeptical about working with anyone including Ed and his team.

I rarely refer people based on great service as it seems challenging to come by these days.  So it gives me GREAT pleasure to speak and share about a team of people that have been extraordinary during such a difficult time in our lives and in the history of this country.  Ed and his team have made this nightmare a really amazing experience for us.  His team has been taking care of not only this whole situation but us as well from 2 states away.  They have brought so much peace of mind to our family, in probably one of the worst times of our lives.  They have handled all of the details including ALL of the negotiating of the debt forgiveness flawlessly and seamlessly.  In my experience when it comes to getting things done and holding people accountable to get it done, it is much like pushing rope up a hill HOWEVER I have NEVER had this experience with Ed and his team.  They have been incredibly gracious with us and treated us with dignity and respect, knowing that we are good people that got caught in the middle of the recession.  I have friends and associates that have been dealing with these same challenges in other parts of the country and are not getting the same effective results or care that Ed and his team have provided.  I wish they were able to business in all states, so they could take care of all the other people we want to refer to them.  I thank God everyday for them and wish I could give Ed and his team a HUGE hug most days for all that he has done and continues to do for us.

I am here to answer all of your questions.  Again please feel free to contact me, I will make myself available to answer all of your questions.

I would be happy to give/provide you with a glowing reference for Ed Gagne – both personally & professionally! 

Personally:  I’ve known Ed for approximately 11 years, for that is when he and his family moved in across the street from our previous home.  Since we both had kids around the same ages, we quickly became friends and have stayed so even though we moved from the neighborhood about 6 years ago.  Then a couple of years ago when we were thinking of moving again, we hired Ed to sell our own home.  Unfortunately, our timing coincided with the housing market crash and after a few months on the market, we decided to put those plans on hold.  However, while our home was on the market and we were actively looking for a new one, Ed was very responsible to my numerous calls of having to see this house or that as soon as possible and making it happen.  Sometimes even though he knew it wasn’t going to be something I liked, he would take the time to show me anyway, just so I could be sure (he is a very patient man)! 

Professionally:  I have been the Relocation Manager for West Marine Products for a little over 13 years, which means that I a responsible for getting our Associates moved around the country and sometimes it also involves helping them find housing in their new locations.  Luckily for me, when I have that need here in our area, I can always count on Ed to make me look good!  Since many of the Associates I relocate here to this area are either Executives or Assistant Vice Presidents, it is extremely important that these Associates are taken care of, in not only a professional, but also in an efficient manner!  For we need these Associates to acclimate to the area, find homes and be ready to focus on their new position as quickly as possible.  Ed has been an invaluable part of this process numerous times over the past few years and I have received only positive and thankful feedback from our Associates about their experiences working with Ed. 

Ed has also helped a number of my co-workers with the selling of their homes, even during these very lean recession years. 

Therefore, given my history of working with Ed over the years, I would highly recommend him as a realtor and I plan to continue to refer Ed to our Associates (as well as my friends) for all of their real estate needs.

Cynthia Mazzei-Bartlebaugh, Relocation Manager & Assistant to Linda Kennedy, VP of Human Resources

West Marine Products, Inc., 500 Westridge Drive, Watsonville, CA 95076